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Marigold Tours pay Chandrabhan Singh Rathores annual school fees at the Vision Academy English School.
Shanker and Kanta Singh Rathore's son Chandrabhan (pictured between Shanker and Craig) was born Dec-2011 and started at a private English language school in Udaipur at age 5. Shanker and Kanta's total weekly income is NZ$150. School fees for the children are NZ$2000 pa. To provide for his two children Shanker works two jobs starting at 6 am to 12 noon and 2 pm to 11 pm six days a week.  In his lunch break he rides on his motorbike across town to collect his kids from school and drops them back with Kanta who is busy running their small one room unit rented in the city. The family home is a village some 50 km away where they sometime visit on Sundays to see the children's grandparents. You will be greeted and served by Shanker at our hotel - Lake Pichola Hotel - Udaipur.