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India tosses up the unexpected and this can be challenging: 

We at Marigold Tours highly recommend you use an organisation such as ours so you can enjoy all the amazing moments without distraction. Join us and we will take care of everything.The poverty is confronting, Indian bureaucracy can be exasperating and the crush of humanity may turn the simplest task into a frazzling epic. Even veteran travelers find their nerves frayed at some point; yet this is all part of the India ride. With an ability to inspire, frustrate, thrill and confound all at once, adopting a 'go with the flow' attitude is wise if you wish to retain your sanity. Love it or loathe it – and most travelers see-saw between the two – to embrace India's unpredictability is to embrace its soul. Spirituality is the common characteristic painted across the vast and varied canvas that is contemporary India. The multitude of sacred sites and rituals are testament to the country's long, colorful, and sometimes tumultuous, religious history. And then there are its festivals! India hosts some of the world's most divine devotional celebrations – from formidable city parades celebrating auspicious events on the religious calendar to simple village harvest fairs that pay homage to a locally worshiped deity.


Scheduled Departure Months 2020/21 

DEPART 1.10.20  
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DEPART 23.10.20 

DEPART 15.11.20

DEPART 4.1.21

DEPART 26.1.21

DEPART 17.2.21 

DEPART 11.3.21


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